What some of our customers have to say about Arthrosamine™ Beefy Chewables™

"Two of our nations top dogs (bomb & drug detection) were suffering from severe arthritic conditions. Our vet tried numerous treatments and supplements, with no outstanding results. With less than a month before a forced retirement of these dogs and the SE Regional K-9 competition (which we didn’t think these dogs could participate in, because of their pain and limited movement) we placed them on a double dose of MD's Choice's Arthrosamine™ Beefy Chewables™, to help relieve their suffering. This turned out to be incredible. We had to hide the supplements because the dogs loved the taste so much that one of them broke into the storage cabinet and ate six whole bottles! Luckily there are no toxic or overdose problems. Within a few days, of when these dogs were started on this product, we noticed drastic differences in both movement and actions. The pain was gone! They were getting around without any problems, displayed greater activity, and were eager to please their handlers! Because of the drastic physical changes, we entered them in the regional, where they placed 2nd & 4th! It is unbelievable! No joint treatment or oral supplement has ever helped out dogs more than Arthrosamine™ Beefy Chewables! After some officers noticed the dogs improvement, they began taking the people supplements." – Sgt. Bob Suarez, K-9 unit Trainer, currently based in Tennessee.

"Last January I adopted a Weimaraner that had been hit by a car and had several pelvic fractures repaired. When he arrived at my house he couldn't walk. One more surgery later and a lot of physical therapy he is up and running. He still doesn't bear full weight on his left hind leg and compensates with placing more weight on his front legs. He also wiggles his hind end more. So I became concerned he might be adding additional stress/wear and tear on his joints. I did a some research and found your product (Arthrosamine BeefyChewables) at our local feed store. It had all the ingredients I was looking for in a product. I followed the instructions starting with the initial dose and then moving him on to the maintenance dose. It seemed to improve his mobility so I continued with your product for several months. Recently I was given a sample bottle of another brand of a joint therapy product. They said it was just as good as the Arthrosamine and I was just ready to pick up a new bottle any way so I thought, why not give it a try. That was when I found out how well Arthosamine really worked. I started giving my dog the other brand and slowly (over a 6 week period) I noticed he wasn't moving as freely and his activity level had dropped. Needless to say I am chucking the rest of the free bottle and picking up a bottle of Arthrosamine BeefyChewables. This experience has proven to me it works for my dog and I won't take him off of it again. Thank you for making this wonderful product." - Heidi Powers, California

"My dog has been taking Arthrosamine for 8 weeks now and she is like a new dog." - Paulette Nunez, Loxahatchee, FL

"My grand daughters 17 year old Bison Freise was having problems getting up and down the stairs, on (and off) the couch, and trouble walking. I had a bottle of the Arthrosamine BeefyChewables sitting here for over 2 years, and because she didn't have any teeth, and the fact that I'm skeptical to begin with, I didn't bother trying it. Well, it finally got so bad that I figured I didn't have anything else to lose. So I broke up one of the chewables and put it in her moist food. WOW! I'm not sure what else I can say. I wish that I'd started her on this product when I first got it. Within a few weeks she was able to BOUND up and down the stairs, the couch, and even the bed. She's acting like a puppy again. Playing, and actually seems to enjoy life again. My husband was so impressed with the results we saw in Princess, he had me order him some of the human Arthrosamine capsules. The MD's Choice stuff really works! The results have sold us. My husband is using less pain killers, and many days none. Thank you!" - Judy Savage, Grants Pass, Oregon

I am writing this letter to thank you for giving my dog the quality of life he so deserved. Bill was a handsome 100 lb Saluki / Coonhound mix with a heart of gold.  In 2000 when he was seven, he began having trouble getting in and out of the car and running on the field with his buddies just wasn't the same.  He had slowed down a lot. I went down to the local feed store and explained the situation.  Before I had finished my story they were pointing to a bottle of MD's Choice Arthrosamine [Beefy Chewables].  So, I bought a bottle. I was amazed to see Bill jumping into the car, no problem and tearing it up on the field in an extremely short period of time [ just a few weeks]. Hmmmm... I thought... if this could make such a difference in Bill, it just might help me ( I suffer form chronic joint pain).  So, back to the feed store for MD's Choice Human Arthrosamine.  Yes, good results for me too.  One month we both ran out and the feed store had just run out as well,  I could see the difference in both of us.  Once back on it again, we both bounced back right away. Last October 31, Bill was running and playing on the beach. November 1st he died at the age of 12 and a half.  Not bad for a dog that size, in fact most remarkable, I think for him to be in such superb shape up to the very end. Well, I continue to take my Arthrosamine and I know I am better for it.  Thanks again for making Bills and my life so much better.  - Carole Armstrong, Pebble Beach, CA

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